Southern Oregon Regional Pilot Program (SORPP)

Project Data and Materials

The Executive Order directs the Regional Partners--Douglas, Jackson, and Josephine Counties--to complete technical studies and prepare maps and other materials required for preparing a rulemaking petition to the Department of Land Conservation and Development.

Following is a summary of the project data and materials (also referred to as "work products" or "products") to be developed by the Regional Partners during this project:

Task 1 Initial Public Information and Participation

Public Hearing - Task 1 Product Submittals 

  • 1-1  Public Input from initial public meetings
  • 1-2  Documented briefings to boards of commissioners and planning commissions

Task 2 Project Organization

  • 2-1  Report on current statutory and administrative resource land rule provisions
  • 2-2  Report on state farm and forest definitions

Task 3 Ongoing Project Administration and Oversight

  • 3-1  Establishment of TAC and Steering Committees, documentation of participation
  • 3-2  Regional website accessible from each participating County’s website
  • 3-3  Use of a uniform method of data dissemination

Task 4 Data Acquisition – Mapping and Associated Data

4-1  Maps showing the following for the entire counties of Douglas, Jackson, and Josephine:

  • Soils capability for farm use 
  • Forest productivity
  • High-value soils as defined in ORS 195
  • Groundwater resources
  • Goal 5 inventory areas
  • The most recent wildlife mapping with GIS data from ODFW
  • Fire protection districts
  • Parcelization and existing development
  • Current farm, forest, non-resource, and exception-area plan and zone designations
  • Level of utilization of existing rural residential lands
  • Areas of natural hazards and other development constraints

Task 5 Assessment of Resource Lands

Public Hearing - Prior to Task 5 Product Submittals

  • 5-1  Report on criteria or factors for designating alternative forest land designations and/or alternative farm parcel sizes
  • 5-2  Mapping of all land under consideration for alternative designations or parcel sizes.
  • 5-3  Required meeting documentation.

Task 6 Assessment of Farm and Forest Land Mapping Errors

  • 6-1  Maps and GIS data for all mapping errors identified in Douglas, Jackson, and Josephine Counties.

Task 7 Carrying Capacity Analysis

Public Hearing - Prior to Task 7 Product Submittals

  • 7-1  Report on carrying capacity analysis
  • 7-2  Required meeting documentation

Task 8 Preparation of Rulemaking Petition / Project Summary Report

  • 8-1  Draft petition for rulemaking or project summary report